For a lot of people 2020 has been one of the hardest years in this generations history. Almost overnight we have seen industries forced to modernise and adapt to changing markets and customers digital demands. 

On 27th of November China announced massive tariffs on Australian wine. If our industry hasn't already suffered, from bushfire, drought, COVID19 now the largest market for Australian wine is under threat.

Whilst no single company can solve this problem, we are committed to providing value to the wine industry. We have always valued our companies ability to adapt and respond to the requirements of you, our customers. 

We have talked to our current customers about how we can help during this period of uncertainty. Because we are a 100% Australian owned company, founded by people from farming families we care. On 1st of December our board of directors approved a relief program that our company can offer winners now left in the dark on how they will convince Chinese consumers their wine is worth 200% more than it was last year.


How we can help:


- Retrospective supply chain and production validation through our blockchain system for your labels heading to China 

- Retrospective Audit and validation of Label Integrity Program certification from Wine Australia

- QR code enabled labels targeted at Chinese consumers (scannable in wechat)

- Full support building a digitised cellar door experience geared towards chinese consumers

- Full language conversation and chinese marketing style reworks

- Access to our Key Opinion Leader program to run paid promotions in China through Chinese influencers (separate advertising packages available) 

- Full access to live recordings of customer interactions with your new digital cellar door. Metrics and reporting to help refine and target consumer audiences

- Support and information sharing with your distributors to help make more informed decisions on marketing and sales within China.


Price: $5 per month*, per vintage (upto 10,000 cases) 

worked example: Three 2020 vintages, Shiraz (5000 cases), Chardonnay (8,000 cases) and Riesling (6000 cases). total: $15 per month.* cancel anytime (QR code redirects back to your website or eCommerce platform)

 *limited to the first 80 customers. Offer ends 28th February 2021. Should supply be exhausted prior to this date, Ziontech may release subsequent rounds. However pricing may change to ensure liquidity in our company.